What Is The One “Little Thing” That Can Change “Everything”?

“A small behavioral change can also lead to embracing a wider checklist of healthier choices” – Chuck Norris 

(Not only does Chuck Norris have a killer roundhouse, but the dude knows a thing or two about the importance of taking care of his body)


Can you remember a time in your life when you made a small change and it led to big results?

How something as simple as eating one piece of fruit in the morning, led you to being more conscious of what you were putting into your body throughout the entire day, and your energy levels and waistline improved because of it.

Or how deciding to run for 1 minute more each day, led you to being able to run a marathon, that in turn reduced your anxiety levels, and improved your overall confidence and mood. 

Tom Rath kicks off his book, “Fully Charged – The 3 Keys to Energising Your Work & Life“, by challenging us to identify what small actions or decisions can create the “biggest wins” in our lives. 

His book gives a fresh and super easy to digest perspective on how to reach your peak performance levels and serves as a great reminder that TODAY MATTERS


It is the next small decision that you make, that immediately affects the quality of your life.

  • Apple or donut?
  • Elevator or stairs? 
  • Continue slouching or sit up straight?


Hanging in my son´s room is a sign that says “You cannot make big things, without little things”. 

I think I put it there more for me than him, as a reminder that you have to grow into your goals. 

Big goals are only accomplished by taking the correct little steps (aka – the next decision)


“Any decision I make is the biggest decision of my life” – Carmelo Anthony


Which leads to the “big question” in today´s blog post:

What one action or decision will create the biggest impact in multiple areas in your life?

  • Is it setting your running shoes by the door so they curse at you every time you walk by?
  • Is it strategically placing fruit and vegetables in your constant “line of sight” at home and at work?
  • Is it to stop slouching and become more conscious of your posture?
  • Is it writing one hand-written letter a day to each of your clients?

This is a huge part of being “self-aware” that does not get a lot of play. 

In one of the first blog posts for CORPORE Wear, I wrote about this very topic (way back in ´15). And how there is so much more to being “self-aware”, than just knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are:

  • Being self-aware means knowing how you should treat your body to get the most out of it.
  • Being self-aware means knowing what tricks you need to play on your mind to get the best results. 
  • Being self-aware means that you are constantly auditing yourself to better understand under what circumstance you are most productive and happy. 

Just like they say “a problem written down, is a problem half-solved”.

A goal written down is a goal half completed. 

Take some time and write down 5 things you want to accomplish this year.

Identify “the” underlying theme in all of them.

Then identify the “one” action you can take that will start to knock down all 5 things. 

Draw it up or white board it out.

It might be more obvious than you think and even more do-able. 

On a personal note, one big challenge my wife and I are having is making time for “us” with a baby. 

It is amazing what holding hands can do (the power of human touch is unreal sometimes, by simply doing that I feel more relaxed, more connected to her and more present). 

Same with blowing bubbles after work (instant disconnect, reduced anxiety, more present, son laughing, wife smiling, etc). 

I need to do those things more. 


“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities” 

― J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Incorporate Chuck Norris, Harry Potter and Carmelo Anthony into one blog post: CHECK. 

Bucket list is getting shorter and my life is coming full circle.

My work is done and I need to lie down.


TEAM CORPORE Wear / Stand Tall & Smile

Michael Thompson / Brand Manager