Corpore Wear’s Posture Shirt – Designed To Keep You Up When Life Brings You Down

Corpore Wear was created to solve a person problem when engineer and founder, Albert Moreno, was searching for ways to improve his energy levels and productivity at work – and the importance of being more posture conscious showed up time and time again in his search.

As a firm believer that only people can make lasting positive habits, Albert began to look for ways to create a product that did not fix the wearer’s posture, but acted as a preventive measure that reminded the wearer to correct their posture when they fell into an unhealthy position. 

After a year of testing, and working with an array of professionals across various sectors to ensure the product delivered, Corpore Wear’s Posture Shirt was born. 


Taking care of your body is a 24-hour job and not only reserved for the gym. Being more posture conscious allows you to make movements without straining your body, which in turn produces numerous medically supported health benefits. It has been proven to reduce muscle fatigue, alleviate stress and optimize your breathing, reduce headaches and anxiety, the list goes on and on as research on the subject grows. 

All of these factors lead to being healthier and more productive, both professionally and personally.

Take a look around you right now and take note of how many people are slouched over a screen of some sort, or are standing with the head jutting forward. Work has literally become a pain in the neck. People were never meant to spend long periods of time seated in what is now considered a common work positions, and when you do, muscle fatigue, stress and body pains are unfortunately common side effects.

This is where Corpore Wear comes into play.


Corpore Wear’s Posture Shirt is comprised of a two-part “Smart Compression System” designed  to act as your personal coach when you fall into unhealthy positioning so that you can make the necessary changes and benefit from being more posture conscious. 

The upper-compression area ensures that your shoulders and upper-back are in correct positioning and the lower-compression area works to maintain a strong and solid foundation.

Posture Enhancing Undershirts

When you have bad posture, or are slouching, the surface of your back increases, when this happens the compression system is triggered and exerts a very subtle and non-intrusive warning shot of pressure that lets you know that it is time to adjust your positioning.

Like we said in the intro, Corpore Wear was not created to fix your posture. Only you can do that. But what it can do is make you more aware of how you are treating your body so going forward you are more posture conscious. 

Like any new product, the best way to learn about it is to give it a try for yourself. But if you still have your doubts check out the testimonials below about how effective Corpore Wear’s Posture Shirt has been from our repeat customers in Europe and our new customers in the US. 



“Our team of Neurosurgeons and support staff have been impressed with the effectiveness of Corpore Wear´s Posture Enhancing Undershirt in regards to improving postural awareness. Various members of our staff have been wearing it regularly while performing surgeries and around the office, and it has helped in their performance by reminding us of our upper-back positioning and also surprisingly in our cores. One team member is even wearing it to the gym to maximise his workouts. We are excited to see what comes from Corpore Wear in the future, as their first product delivers as promised.” – John Dobrasz, Jr. PA-C  / Polaris Spine and Neurosurgery Center / Atlanta, Georgia

JOURNALIST AT INC MAGAZINE (who has reviewed various posture products in the past):

“These shirts offer both compression and apply a small amount of pressure on your upper body to assist a person in keeping his or her shoulders in a proper, healthy position; the shirt I tried definitely helped me to improve my posture.” – Joseph Sternberg, journalist –, USA


“As a professional athlete and a student I have found that the more conscious I am of my posture, the better my performance, both on and off the field and Cropper Wear ́s Posture Enhancing Undershirt serves as a great reminder”. – Aitor Ariño, Professional Handball Player, FC Barcelona, Spain


“I sure do love my Corpore Wear shirt. It is my favorite shirt to work out in because it keeps my posture while performing compound movements!” – Corin Stellakis  NY, USA