How Good Posture Makes You H.A.P.P.I.E.R

Whenever I meet someone and explain to them CORPORE Wear and our mission of improved performance and confidence through postural awareness, immediately they sit up straighter and smile.

“Posture” really should be a verb, it moves people to action.

Just hearing the word makes people more conscious of their body and makes them H.A.P.P.I.E.R:


H = Health

A = Appearance

P = Positivity

P = Power

I = Increased confidence

E = Energy

R = Reduced Body Aches and Pains


H = Health:

Lewis Howes, the host of my latest podcast obsession, The School of Greatness, asked his guest, Mr. Tim Ferriss, if on his deathbed he could only leave 3 pieces of advice to his loved ones, which pearls of wisdom would he leave behind. Tim´s last response was:

“Treat HEALTH as #1, because without it everything else will fall apart and with it everything becomes easier”.

Great answer. 

Experts claim that bad posture can reduce your breathing by up to 30%. If you are slouching or hunched over your lungs do not have the adequate room to expand. This directly affects your ability to breath at maximum capacity.

Hunch over and take note of your breathing. Now sit up straight. Notice a difference?

A = Appearance:

Demonstrating good posture makes you look taller, slimmer and more confident. Growing up my parents, especially my dad, would tell me to sit up straight. I never listened. However, if he had told me why I should sit up straight, keep my shoulders back and head held high I might have taken his advice to heart. If he had put things in simple “Michael terms” and pointed at a girl and said, “You see that girl over there? If you stand tall, she will think you are confident and she just might notice you”, maybe he would have gotten my attention.

In today´s busy world it is hard to stand out, but your odds increase if you stand tall.  

P = Positivity:

All success is based on your state of mind. If you walk around hunched over all day wishing for something good to happen, most likely nothing will. By practicing good posture and being conscious throughout the day of your body you will go from the feeling like you “do not belong” to belonging, and your confidence will grow as a result of this. The difference from a “can-do” attitude and a “can´t do attitude” makes all the difference and posture is proven to play a role in this. 

Check out this Fast Company article about posture and positivity and Erik Peper´s research about how simply skipping instead of walking with your head down (hunched over) can boost your positivity.

P = Power:

If you are conscious of your health and take care of your appearance and think positive thoughts you are well on your way to becoming a force to be reckoned with. Nobody personifies “power” than the blonde-haired blue-eyed Harvard researcher who we admire so much, Amy Cuddy. I tried not to include Amy and her TED talk about “Power Poses” into this post, but her work seems to always find its way in and for good reason. The stronger your posture the more power you exude. The weaker your posture the weaker you look. 

I = Increase Confidence:

A study performed at Ohio State University shows that possessing good posture directly affects the confidence in your own thoughts supports Amy Cuddy´s research that the brain does indeed look to the body for advice on how it should feel. According to the research performed at OSU, the confidence levels of the candidates rose simply by sitting up straighter for just a few minutes. If your confidence can increase by just sitting straighter for a few minutes, imagine the effects of demonstrating good posture all day.

E – Energy levels:

If you are slouched over all day less oxygen is entering your body than if you were demonstrating good posture and low levels of oxygen is directly connected to fatigue. 

In simple terms: improved breathing leads to higher energy levels. More energy equates to more clarity and focus. More clarity and focus equates to higher productivity levels.

As you can see there is a domino effect occurring by simply being conscious of your posture. It is all connected and this leads directly into the last point:

R = Reduced Muscle Pain:

Who is more productive? The person who can work without body aches and muscle strains for 8 hours on end? Or the person who after a few hours experiences the above mentioned all too common side-effects of possessing bad posture? 

The Cleveland Clinic researched the effects of slumping. They found that slumping forces the muscles and tendons in the lower back to work harder than usual, increasing the possibility of sprains, strains and pains. 


Aristotle said, “We are defined by our habits”. 

If you make good posture a habit, it might just make you H.A.P.P.I.E.R.

By improving your posture what aspect of your life has improved?


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Michael Thompson / Brand Manager 

Currently reading, Spark by John Ratey “The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain”