Corpore Wear: The Ultimate Posture Reminder – How It Works and What Our User’s Are Saying

Before we get into the details of how Corpore Wear’s Posture Undershirt works and what our wearer’s are saying, take a second and think about your own posture.

  • How would you describe your own posture? 
  • How would you describe the posture of your co-workers?
  • How would you describe the posture of your friends and family?
  • What about the average person you see on the street or in a cafe or restaurant?

Amy Cuddy, American social psychologist, author and lecturer, kicked off her explosively popular TED Talk “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are” by asking the audience these very questions.

Upon being asked to do a quick audit of the posture in the room, the audience members immediately started to laugh and adjusted how they were seated (The word “Posture” really should be a verb because it immediately moves people to action). 

The live audience, and the 36 million people who watched her presentation at home, connected with Amy ́s message simply because we have all been reminded to sit up straight or to stop slouching in the past. 

We all know we need to be more conscious of our posture, so why is nobody listening? 

Our mission at Corpore Wear is to change this and serve as a 24-hour reminder of the benefits of demonstrating strong posture. 


We did not create our Posture Undershirt so we could improve your posture.

We created it so YOU could improve your posture. 

As a result our product was created not as a “fix,” but rather a “reminder” for proactive and health conscious individuals when they begin to slouch or fall into an unhealthy position. 

Our Posture Undershirt is comprised of a Smart Compression System that is broken down into two areas. The upper back support that ensures your shoulders are in correct positioning and lower back support to ensure a strong foundation. By interacting with your body the compression system emits a slight pressure you when you fall into an unhealthy position, reminding you that it is time to adjust how you are seated or standing. 


What Our Clients Are Saying:

Corpore Wear is based in Barcelona and our products are made in Italy. Throughout the design process we worked hand in hand with both physicians, athletes, journalists, office workers and a range of individuals to ensure our products not only reminded the wearer of their posture, but was comfortable for various body types. 

Corpore Wear was designed as a preventive measure to counter the negative effects that come hand-in-hand with poor posture and is not a medical product. However, as we set out to begin to offer our products on our home turf of Europe, and also recently as we have expanded into the US, we reached out to a team of physicians in both Barcelona and Atlanta for our Posture Shirt to be tested. Below is what they have to say about Corpore Wear after testing our products. 


We were approached by the team over at Corpore Wear and were immediately intrigued by their mission of improved performance through postural awareness.

As physicians and surgeons we spend a great deal of time either seated speaking with our patients, in front of the computer, or on our feet performing surgeries. 

We have been wearing Corpore Wear´s Posture Enhancing Undershirt for the past two months for all of our job duties and we are very impressed with the results, so much so that we have recommended it to our families, staff and our fellow colleagues.

What really impressed us about the product is that just after a week of wearing it for a few hours each day we were both much more conscious of our posture throughout the entire day.

Though designed as a preventive product, we feel that from our experience it definitely improves postural awareness and we wish the Corpore Wear team the best of luck going forward.

Juan Matias and Santiago Bucar / UROLEGS / Barcelona, Spain /


Our team of Neurosurgeons and support staff have been impressed with the effectiveness of Corpore Wear´s Posture Enhancing Undershirt in regards to improving postural awareness. 

Various members of our staff have been wearing it regularly while performing surgeries and around the office, and it has helped in their performance by reminding us of our upper-back positioning and also surprisingly in our cores. One team member is even wearing it to the gym to maximise his workouts. 

We are excited to see what comes from Corpore Wear in the future, as their first product delivers as promised. 

John Dobrasz, Jr. PA-C  / Polaris Spine and Neurosurgery Center / Atlanta, Georgia

However, we did not stop there and offered our products to be tested by journalists, athletes and office workers in both the US and Europe to gather feedback. Below is just a handful of the results we were given. 


“These shirts offer both compression and apply a small amount of pressure on your upper body to assist a person in keeping his or her shoulders in a proper, healthy position; the shirt I tried definitely helped me to improve my posture.”

Joseph Sternberg, journalist –, USA


As a professional athlete and a student I have found that the more cons- cious I am of my posture, the better my performance, both on and off the field and Cropper Wear ́s Posture Enhancing Undershirt serves as a great reminder.

Aitor Ariño, Professional Handball Player, FC Barcelona, Spain