21 Posture Quotes That Will Immediately “Sit You Straight”

21 POSTURE QUOTES THAT WILL IMMEDIATELY “SIT YOU STRAIGHT" 1. "Sit up straight, listen and participate." - Pat Summit 2. "Your task is to sit up straight, not to be held straight." - Marcus Aurelius 3. "Your Posture Now Determines Your Portion Later." - Bradley Cooper

3 Interesting Science-Backed Findings About Posture

But posture is a well researched field and there is a lot of scientific evidence to show how being more posture conscious is good for you. So here are 3 interesting science-backed finding about posture, that will have you reaching for your posture shirt and sitting up straight in the office.

Posture’s Place in a Healthy and Happy Life

Who doesn’t want to lead a long, happy, healthy, and productive life? We all understand that regular exercise and healthy diets go a long way to helping us achieve this. But there is a third, often neglected, pillar that we want to highlight - and that’s posture.


Growing up I played a lot of sports. After a few years I did not need to see where the ball was going. I could feel it. Before looking up I knew the ball was in the net, the pass was on target or the pins where knocked down. You know that feeling right? When you “find the sweet spot”, “are in the zone” or “find your flow”. I am sure everyone reading this has experienced this at some point or another.


The next time you get ready to walk out the door to go to work, the gym, or a social gathering, take one last glance in the mirror, and put on the one accessory that makes every outfit complete, strong posture. "Of all the things you wear, your posture and your smile are the most important”


Unless you are a model, ballet dancer, or in the military, the odds are high that you do not think about your posture very often. Our goal at Corpore Wear is to change this by reminding you to be more posture conscious. Why? Because there are mountains of research that demonstrate posture’s silent, but essential role, developing the relationship between our bodies and minds, and having them work together at optimum levels.


Take a second and think about all the important relationships in your life, focusing especially on those that lift you up the most. Out of the all relationships you thought of, did the relationship between your body and mind make the cut? Okay, maybe that was unfair - but it wasn’t a trick question. First and foremost, you have a relationship with yourself, your mind and body. All of us over here at Corpore Wear believe that this is the most important relationship we will ever have - and evidently we are not the only ones.


Our performance is based on a number of things, but the odds of success increase if we bring with us loads of energy, a positive mood and self-confidence, which are all proven byproducts of focusing on demonstrating good posture. Take note this week of the people in your class or office who are making moves and doing big things. Check out how they are seated at their desk and the body language they possess in social settings. Those who perform well, not only talk the talk, they walk the walk, it just so happens they do so with strong posture.

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The “Domino Effect” of Good Posture

In the last post we looked at the importance of identifying the "one small thing" that has the power to impact various aspects of your life. We would be remiss if we did not explore the "domino effect" of being more conscious of your posture in order to improve your well-being and overall quality of life. Since the majority of the workforce is confined to sedentary workstations for a good part of the day, the importance of your posture is more prevalent today than ever before.

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