Posture Enhancing Undershirt

Interacts with your body and exerts subtle pressure when you fall into an unhealthy position, reminding you to correct your posture.

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Posture Enhancing Undershirts

Posture Enhancing Undershirt

Designed for pro-active and health conscious individuals who recognize the powerful relationship between body and mind.

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"These shirts/undershirts offer both compression and apply a small amount of pressure on your upper body to assist a person in keeping his or her shoulders in a proper, healthy position; the shirt I tried definitely helped me to improve my posture."
Joseph Steinberg /

Advanced Technology in Everyday Clothing

Our team of engineers and designers has developed a Smart Compression System, comprised of seamless technology and tensors that interacts with your body, alerting you when you fall into poor posture positioning so that you can make the necessary changes.

Corpore Wear´s Posture Enhancing Undershirt consists of one single seamless garment with two compression areas.

Diagram of Upper and Lower Back Compression Technology

Corpore Wear exerts continuous pressure on the lower-back providing the support to maintain a strong foundation.

Corpore Wear helps to maintain the shoulders and upper-back in the correction position.